Are you a film buff? If not, why are you here? Is it because I sent you the link to this website in the hope that I might inspire you to see some more of the films on offer in the cinema? It probably is that, isn't it?

The Rewatchability Scale

A new scale for watching films. I will be using this as an extra method of reviewing from now on!

Rating scale guide: 

0 - I wouldn't watch this again if you paid me. (I hate this. I never want to see it again.)

1 - I would tolerate this if it was in the background at a friend's house. (It's barely tolerable but I won't actively watch it out of choice.)

2 - I would watch this if it was on TV. (Enjoyable enough, but I don't want to own it or spend my money on the DVD.)

3 - I'll wait for the DVD. (I want to see this again, but I can wait until it's out on DVD without any trouble.)

4 - I'd happily see this again next week. (I'm not desperate to see it again but would definitely see it again if invited to see it with a friend.)

5 - Get me back to the cinema now! (I really want to see this again immediately.)

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