Are you a film buff? If not, why are you here? Is it because I sent you the link to this website in the hope that I might inspire you to see some more of the films on offer in the cinema? It probably is that, isn't it?

Wow. I started a blog.

I guess this has been a long time coming. I wanted somewhere to put all of the film reviews that I do for my radio show, 'Movie Hour With Philippa' on Junction 11 Radio at my university. Plus, I wanted to have something professional-ish for my love of film to be published upon, and therefore I have this blog. 

So without further ado, here is a welcome post which details the infamous 'Philippa's Guide To Enjoying Yourself At The Cinema'.

1. Researchy Importance Stuff: Do your research. Is it a franchise? Are there previous films that you need to see? Do you wish to see the film in 3D? Will you actually enjoy it? It's important to answer these questions before you even think about heading to a cinema.

2. The Road to Good Seat Smugness: Book your seats in advance. I can't stress this enough. Go at a good time that suits you. Be seat savvy. The middle centre is the so-called 'sound sweet spot' but everyone likes to sit in different places. I like back row in the centre, but others don't. Pick what is most comfortable for you.

3. Social Comfort Level Assurance: Wear comfy clothes. You'll be sat there for several hours, so don't wear those jeans that cut off your leg circulation if you sit down. Choose the right number of people to go with. If you like seeing films with lots of people, go with those people. Don't ever be afraid of going alone. It's not as bad as you think and people are always too focused on the film to judge you.

4. Saving Money and Dignity: If you look under 18, bring ID, no matter what film you're seeing. You'd be surprised what people will ID you for. Bring your own snacks and drinks. Cinema food is extortionate. I can confirm this as someone who worked at a cinema for a while. Just bring your own stuff. You'll save so much money. Take 3D glasses if you own them and that will save you a bit of money too. Go to the loo before your film. You don't want to be that person that gets up halfway through the film and irritates everyone.

5. Owning Your Cinema Experience Like A Boss: Take your rubbish with you when you leave the screen. Be good to the people that work at the cinema. Enjoy yourself.

If you follow those steps, you theoretically should have a good time at the cinema. It's worked so far for me. Apart from that one time where a kid puked in the seat next to me .

 Another day of sun in Britain, and yet here I am in a cinema. Again.

Another day of sun in Britain, and yet here I am in a cinema. Again.

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